HC PREMIUM LINE "IMPACT BOOSTER" Series - technical data

Model HC18P HC23P
A mm 850 1000
B mm 2240 2360
C mm 60 80
Blades length mm 150 180
X ton 360 390
Y ton 65 80
Rotation flow l/min 10 10
Rotation pressure bar 140 140
Open - Close flow l/min 130/200 180/250
Open - Close pression bar 250 250
Rotation   360° 360°
Weight kg 1770 2400
Excavator weight ton 16/23 24/32

What is the Impact Booster?

It is an integrated hydraulic device that allows you to multiply the power (i.e. the hydraulic pressure provided by the excavator). A concentrate of pure technology and power.

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How does it work?

Demolishing the material, if the pressure of the excavator is no longer enough to crack the material, automatically the Impact BOOSTER comes into play boosting the pressure of the operating machine (pre-set at 250 bar) up to a cylinder peak pressure of 750 bar.

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