CE Marking

Legal Requirements

Each manufacturer/ importer of machinery subject to  marking is required to conduct conformity procedures. In accordance with the Law on Conformity Assessment System, the products subject to labeling must comply with the requirements of European Directives. Failure to do so are liable to penalty, both for not assigning the mark and incorrect proceedings.

What is  Marking ?

The  symbol placed on the machinery, is the manufacturer's declaration that the labeled product complies with the so called "New Approach" EU Directives. These directives apply to issues related to the safety of use, health and environmental protection, and define the threats that the manufacturer should detect and eliminate. By labelling the product with the  mark, the manufacturer declares that it complies with all applicable directives.

What is the conformity assessment process ?

The conformity assessment process is to meet the EU requirements which are contained in the aforementioned "New Approach Directives", designed for specific products. The compliance with the requirements is based on the correct analysis of the legal aspects relating to the products. Each directive provides for the appropriate way of conduct for each product group, called the conformity assessment procedure. It informs about the actions that need to be taken in order to properly fulfill the data requirements. The evaluation is completed by issuing the declaration of conformity for the product, and by receiving the  mark and certificate.

What products do we certify ?

We are an independent certification body which is primarily engaged in construction machinery. We carry out the assessment of conformity and "re-certify" the standard models of different manufacturers excavators which have been equipped e.g. with the Long Reach Front, Demolition Booms or with amphibious units.

Steps of  Marking requirements


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