Rubber Tracks

To meet the expectation of customers we offer high quality rubber tracks. Products that we supply is characterized by the lack of "connect". This solution allows to significantly increase the strength of the track.


A. The inner wrap is made of continuous, stainless steel wire and cured in a one-step thermal process, which allows the transfer of a 50% greater longitudinal tensioning force (tension) on the caterpillar. No rigid "pattern" connecting effectively eliminates the most common cause of damage to the track, which is the crack in the joint.
B. Solid steel cell wide running along the track, optimally assist in moving the machine to the ground.
C. Properly profiled spurs, allow wheel to the drive, and tensioning rollers for smooth movement along the track, without fear of damage.
D. High-quality natural rubber, guarantees a long service life, especially with the basic principles of maintenance.

How to properly determine the dimensions of the track.

1. Check the designation of the size marked on the inside of the old track

2. If you are not able to find extruded size, please provide the following information:

  • manufacturer,
  • model,
  • year of production.

3. To make sure of the size used track, please check:

  • track width A (mm),
  • pitch length B (mm),
  • number of links C,
  • These dimensions given in the following way (A x B x C ).

4. It is very important that you purchased caterpillar was compatible with the chassis of the machine. To make sure what type of driving rollers must also:

specify the dimensions E and D driving rollers.